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Nikon Capture NX-D review | TechRadar

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Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers xoftware learn more about the product and decide whether посмотреть больше is the right product for them. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the pf bought the item on Amazon.

It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Customer reviews. Write a review. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. See All Buying Hx2. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. Arnold T. Serrata “Nolo Serrata”. Reviewed in the United States on August 24, Please inquire and ask me questions because doing this properly will make a difference and you can not blame the Camera and Nikon CaptureNX2. And thank you Amazon. Simply follow the prescribed Workspace and Workflow and Edit List step by step. Next adjust according to the Edit List step by step and your end result will be a Masterpiece.

Follow the Edit List and Adjustments step by step and you will see your Image transform into a Masterpiece. This works for me; try what ever works for you. Good Luck! Do please inquire and ask questions. Top critical review. Reviewed in the United States on May 3, I am a relatively new Nikon 1 camera owner who is interested in raw photo processing. Nd2 reading the description of the raw photo узнать больше and взято отсюда my way through the Ben Long tutorial training, I decided to purchase the software to experience the processing for my J1 shooting сайт, 2.5 tonne forklift hire free пост. The Amazon advertising said that it was the “Full Version”.

I received my software on time and followed the instructions to the letter. I should have been more careful in looking for the software version. After reading the decription of the Capture NX 2 software on the Nikon website and the Amazon website, I installed the software but it did not work. I uninstalled it and tried again the next day with the same outcome.

I reread the “quickstart” document again and found that the version number was 2. My red flag went up quickly, since the Operating systems for both Mac and PC have had sogtware version modifications in five years.

I finally review of nikon capture nx2 software free Remove background from image tech support and found out that the current version is now 2. It would seem that the price for the software is certainly out of line with the current software softwarre and the description of the software is way off the mark. Sort by. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews.

Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All /50752.txt All critical All stars.

Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Review of nikon capture nx2 software free try again later. From the United Sofhware. Verified Review of nikon capture nx2 software free. Showing 0 comments. There was a problem loading comments right now. This product is not built for speed editing of hundreds of photographs, but for the Nikon photographer it offers a number of distinct advantages. Nikon D lighting is recognized and is a short cut way to make global review of nikon capture nx2 software free that influence highlight and shadow details.

U-point technique allows fine control over color,contrast,color temp and much more. It allows Nikon photographers to adjust portions of their raw files in post. Due to the specific nature of each edit, the adjustments do not translate well for working on large numbers of similar images. This product is powerful tool for Nikon photographers and should be used on your best images for final edits of raw files.

Be careful to save result with separate name or the original raw file will be overwritten. Just a warning as many who have reviewed this product have complained about this aspect of the program. Image files I would recommend using this program for. It helps restore shadow detail and control highlights Images with heavy back lighting.

Again exposure balance and control Images with color cast. Use u-point locally or more globally to correct color Images that lack dynamic range. Local adjustments using u-points can add contrast and color for better definition. Happy editing! Try the free trial and see for yourself.

I have been using the software for the last 60 days with softwqre free trial and it has won me over. I am a MAC user so I was very much leaning toward Aperture and I have also been using the free trail of that for the last 30 days.

Now, I will review of nikon capture nx2 software free that Aperture is much nicer for batch editing, but the quality of the output in my mind is far better from Capture NX2. Because of this I have opted for a slightly more cumbersome work flow, but a much higher quality image, which makes it totally worth it. When it comes to my favorite features it has to be that the RAW processing in Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше is so much better than in Aperture or Adobe products.

You can get Aperture or Adobe to look similar, but it takes work, while NX2 is perfect immediately upon import. Review of nikon capture nx2 software free, the landscape, portrait and other built in presets are amazing for quick editing and getting fantastic shots with little work.

But of читать больше, the U Point is the hands down winner. Try this once on a sky in which you want to pull the clouds out and you will never use photoshop again. Just to give you perspective, I use ViewNX for my batch processing and to screen shots. From their I use NX2 for the detail work. I do all of this in a self created file structure that I prefer because it is cross platform compatible.

Image window should close with Ctrl-F4 Tab should go in ORDER down a dialog box Maximize should bring entire window to full screen Hot Keys like ALT-1 should work everywhere, I should not have to click on the background window for a hot key to be active I love the photo editor, and have gotten amazing results from this app.

It is very fast and does a great job of keeping you out of trouble for the most part. Take the time to follow some tutorials online and you will see that there is much more review of nikon capture nx2 software free here than on first glance. This is such a great app, I just wish they would do the fit and finish review of nikon capture nx2 software free following the Windows Guidelines. Program installation was a breeze. After just 10 minutes skimming the manual, I was improving photos that had resisted my best efforts in Photoshop.

There are a number of excellent free video tutorials on the web, as well as several books, that show how to get the most out of the software. The program isn’t intended to let you dapture the far out edits like putting somebody’s head on a different body по этой ссылке Photoshop.

But for tweaking your “just ok” photos into the excellent class it can’t be beaten. When you start editing a file, the spftware image is never changed. All your changes are stored separately in the file. You can even have several versions of the same image in the file. Nikon lets you download cpature fully functional 60 day trial version.

This is the review of nikon capture nx2 software free to go if you’re not sure about the program. Before the trial period ends, you must buy the software and enter the captuee key to keep it functional. Capture NX2 is a great product but has a learning Curve! Capure have been using it for a while now and my pictures are looking a lot better. I still have a lot to learn with all it has to offer.

I was using Adobe Lightroom 3 but wasn’t getting what I wanted. If you buy this rree read and learn all you can, their is so much you can do with it once you learn how. I have learned a lot from the Nikonians website and they offer a lot of help, you may want to go there to learn more very fast in their software forum. They are very helpful and take the time to explain how to do things review of nikon capture nx2 software free sftware to get to thing you never use but need to make your pictures look a lot better.

You can ask questions on ВСЁ install local group policy windows 10 home free Так you don’t know how to do and you will get answers right away. If you have a Nikon camera this is a must.



Review of nikon capture nx2 software free


But one of my primary complaints with this duo was that neither app offered a complete feature set. ViewNX-i’s Raw processing capabilities were rather more limited in the interests of approachability, while Capture NX-D lacked features like support for geolocation, keywording, movies, slideshows and more. That left users having to switch back and forth between the pair for a full experience. The newly released Nikon NX Studio definitively addresses this. It’s essentially a replacement for both applications, offering almost every feature of the pair in a single program.

Capture NX-D and ViewNX-i will remain available for download, but are unlikely to be updated to add support for new cameras or compatibility with future operating system updates. It comes bundled with a new version of Nikon Transfer 2 whose sole change is to add support for NX Studio itself. Although with that said, AVI-format movies from a couple of dozen Coolpix models released between and can’t be played back in the app.

The user interface is aesthetically similar to that of both earlier apps, but it’s now cleaner, friendlier and more standards compliant than before. Icons are monochromatic, with a bolder yellow accent color used to call attention to enabled options, rather than the more muted yellow of the Capture NX-D and ViewNX-i. And unlike both earlier apps, there are no drop shadows or gradient effects, giving NX Studio a cleaner, more modern look. Adjustment panels are no longer hidden behind toggle buttons, expanding a new one no longer causes a previous one to vanish from the UI, and nor do conflicting variations of a single control appear in multiple places as in the earlier app.

If you only use a subset of the controls on offer, you can also create a custom panel containing just those specific controls, which helps made them easier to find. And unlike in Capture NX-D, Windows conventions are now properly followed, so you can tab or shift-tab to switch back and forth between fields when typing in values directly, saving some wrist strain in having to reach for your mouse or touchpad repeatedly.

One slight shortcoming is that while keyboard shortcuts are supported — for example, the F key toggles full-screen mode — there’s no list of shortcuts to be found in the otherwise-excellent user manual, and nor are they listed in the app’s settings. We’ve sent a query over to Nikon about the keyboard shortcuts, and will update this article if and when we receive a response. There are relatively few downsides to the new UI. You can no longer undock and float panels to place them wherever you like on the screen, nor can you dock them in different locations to their defaults, other than for the film strip.

This defaults to a horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, but can be switched to a vertical column at screen left instead. The navigation panel, folders and albums controls are all fixed at screen left, while the histogram, adjustments, EXIF information and keywording tools sit at the right of the screen.

Both of these side panels can easily be resized, or hidden with a single click on their centrally-located arrow buttons.

The film strip lacks a similar button to allow it to be hidden, but you can hide it by dragging downwards when resizing. In most respects, NX Studio’s editing controls are identical to that app, although it does add the Color Booster control from ViewNX-i alongside NX-D’s saturation tool, giving you access to other method.

But what else do you gain by switching from NX-D? If your images are geotagged, you can also add location-based tags semi-automatically, choosing from a list of app-selected location name suggestions, or even from place names suggested via Wikipedia. Confusingly, though, this functionality is available only when in map view, even though the ‘Set from location data’ button remains visible — albeit grayed out — in other views.

I’d like to see Nikon correct that to be clickable regardless of your chosen view. Speaking of the map view, that’s another new addition, and it allows you to see geotagged images from your currently-selected folder or album on an interactive world map. You have a choice of map, satellite, hybrid or physical views provided by Google Maps.

Each individual image shows up as a yellow pushpin on the map, with the currently selected image being shown in red. If your camera recorded a compass bearing at capture time, that direction is also indicated on its pushpin when selected as shown in the screenshot above left, but not otherwise.

If you have an NMEA or GPX track log recorded by the camera itself or a compatible device, these can be imported and shown as a red track line. And once imported, they can be used to approximately geotag selected images based on their capture time as compared to the times recorded in the track log. Another new addition is support for movies, both in terms of playback and basic editing.

The editing functionality allows you to quickly trim the start and end of clips, or splice multiple files together. You can also combine multiple movie clips and images to make a new file complete with titles, captions, and overlaid music. There are, however, only three transition effects, three still image durations with optional motion effect , and three brief music samples provided.

You can also add your own music in. WAV or. M4A formats, and process movie clips to remove autofocus noise. Unfortunately, you’ll need quite a beefy processor and GPU for smooth playback if you shoot in 4K, let alone editing.

On my Dell XPS 15 laptop running Windows 10 version , I found p clips from the Nikon Z5, for example, played smoothly but those at 4K resolution stuttered badly. And that’s not down to the hardware, as VLC Media Player played them perfectly smoothly on the same computer, while Windows’ own Media Player and Photo apps only dropped a handful of frames. For one thing, you can now upload images and movies directly to Nikon’s Image Space service and YouTube, respectively.

You can also view slideshows with optional, user-provided background music, and the new program adds support for more obscure file formats such as 3D Multi Picture Object files or voice notes recorded on older Coolpix cameras.

Really, I can only find a couple of omissions. As mentioned previously, you can no longer undock interface panels, nor can you change whether they appear in the left or right-side palettes.

Other than that, I couldn’t find any other missing features this time around. However, on testing the program I’ve found its results with identical settings to be visually indistinguishable from those of NX-D, even though precise file sizes do differ fractionally at the same compression level.

With that being the case, I’ll refer you to the second page of my earlier article , instead, for a more detailed analysis. NX Studio is capable of delivering good image quality with very pleasing color and impressive shadow recovery, but feel Adobe still has a slight edge when it comes to fine detail at low sensitivities, which increases at higher sensitivities thanks to significantly stronger noise reduction from Nikon.

The good news is that with no noticeable change in image quality, and with all the same controls on offer as in both predecessors, NX Studio will read and apply all the same tweaks as did either earlier application, meaning you can upgrade without fear of having to rework all of your adjustments.

As for performance, which was already a strong point of Nikon’s software compared to that provided by many manufacturers, things are also pretty similar to before. Adobe still has a small but noticeable edge in the speed of final output processing, and a more substantial advantage in terms of preview performance. Using the same six comparison images as for my previous article, it took 28 seconds to complete the batch. By way of comparison, performance leader Adobe still holds the crown with a time of In my time with Nikon NX Studio, I’ve found it to be very stable, but that’s not to say it’s perfect, nor would I expect a brand-new app to be.

I’ve run across a couple of bugs, although only one strikes me as particularly significant. And both are related to issues I found with the previous apps, as well. Firstly, there’s still an issue with detecting dragging of the right-panel scroll bar, regardless of whether the program is running maximized or not.

But where this only happened with my Dell Active Pen, it now also happens with both the touch screen and even when dragging with the mouse. Simply using the scroll wheel or a two-fingered touchpad swipe works around this, however. The program also ignores Windows’ scaling settings entirely in mixed-resolution monitor setups when running on an ultra high-def screen.

That makes it extremely difficult to use on a 4K display unless you either lower the resolution or disable your lower-res screen s. The good news is that Nikon is aware of this problem and working on a fix. In the meantime, desktop users with mixed-resolution displays can work around it using a scaling setting built into NX Studio, but notebook users will find that they constantly have to change this setting — which also requires an app restart — every time they disconnect or reconnect a display of differing resolution.

I have to say that it’s a big step in the right direction, giving photographers that use Nikon cameras a powerful editing application where they can perform most of the edits they’d want to. The most important thing here is that the new program provides basically everything of any significance from its two predecessors, allowing you to ditch one of them altogether.

Its new interface is noticeably better and easier on the eye, and its performance and image quality are just as good as before. I think this first iteration of NX Studio is a great replacement for Nikon’s earlier apps. I like NX Studio a lot. I do my selections and most of the editing here.

I want to see the difference between pictures, and before and after editing changes. But this is really difficult because between viewing the two results, the screen blacks out for several seconds.

By then it’s hard to see the difference. There is a before and after function where photos are side by side with a scroll function, both showing at the same time. No black out. A 12 MB file gets shrunk to about 1. That should be addressed, as it is a real drawback. No dual display support? Everything else seems so far to be an improvement, or at least an equivalent to ViewNX-i, but not being able to open the selected image on my second display is very disappointing indeed.

I run it with dual displays with no issues. I did have to figure out the settings to make it happen however. Do a search on-line and you will find the directions to make it happen. What I was after was menus on one smaller screen and image alone on the other. How have the fixed menu locations on Studio affected the dual screens? For people with large numbers of files, should offer the option of showing file names in a compact format rather than thumbnails taking up huge amounts of the screen.

The results are excellent and the software is quite speedy and the new workflow is much quicker. Thanks Nikon for a great professional grade, free, software. So far, it has crashed on my Win 10 PC several times, and it often refuses to actually execute things like Retouch. Convoluted to say the least. Nice freebie for a light user but definitely not in the same league as a professional tool like Lightroom, either cloud or classic.

I have a decent setup, recent i7, 16GB ram, but NX studio runs kinda slow and my computer is churning away just to go through photos. Strangely, when accessing photos via memory card, it’s much faster, so it doesn’t like pulling from my folder on the computer. Wondering if I set it up wrong or something I have set up the colours spaces so they are identical in NX and Affnity. When I export a tiff file to my harddisk and then open it in Affinity, the colors are spot on.

I have never had this problem when exporting from Capture One Pro 10 to Affinity. Any ideas?


– Review of nikon capture nx2 software free


There are two other controls on the basic point. Above it is the S ize control or what I like to think of as the Sphere of Influence which determines how large an area to affect and below it is a triangle you can click to add a few more controls:. In addition to the S ize control, it has only a single option:. O pacity — Increase or decrease how much of the original image is visible through the modification. Of course, that’s only part of the Selection Control Point story.

Once you’ve used a U Point to mask your image we’ve tried ’em all and this was the simplest mask we’ve ever made , you can apply any of 26 adjustments available in NX 2 to the affected area. Selection Control Point. The original left as masked by three control points barely visible and the result when desaturation right. Note the U Points in the eyes.

And you might want to see what’s being masked and what isn’t. Show Overlay takes you back to the image. For our test, we masked a background and dumped the color so only the model was in color. That’s a much simpler method of highlighting a subject in color against a black and white scene than the typical Photoshop method involving adjustment layers to mask the color out and painting the layer to reveal the color background layer. But you can use this approach for any of the adjustments like Unsharp Masking, D-Lighting, Blurs, Noise Reduction , something that used to take multiple and expensive Nik Software Photoshop plug-ins.

Our model had a blemish on her chin which she covered with cosmetics well enough that it wasn’t visible on medium to long shots. But on close-ups, it was easy to spot. NX 2 has a new Retouch Brush tool to take care of that in just a few swipes of the mouse. In this case, we simply dragged the mouse over the cosmetic cover three times in short strokes to hide the blemish. You can increase brush size to minimize the strokes, but we found it was less obvious to take a few smaller strokes to cover the area.

Both color and texture are cloned from surrounding areas to hide the flaw. We opened a 2. We did a little editing and saved the NEF again. Our file size increased slighting to 6,, bytes. The difference was the edit saved in the Exif header. If you save your images as NEFs, the edits are not applied to the bit mapped data, but recorded as recipes in the image header.

One curiosity however seems to plague NX 2 as it did NX. It also takes a while. We opened a D80 NEF that was an 8. It became a What happened? To find out, we ran both images through our Exif header decoder, the same tool we use on the site for our Test and Gallery images. The first significant difference we found was in the preview size.

The original D80 preview was x pixels, while the NX 2-created preview was x It was a portrait oriented image, so the new preview shows that. This was also reflected in several other flags. A highly-featured browser. Full Specifications. What’s new in version 2. Release March 14, Date Added March 14, Version 2. Operating Systems. Additional Requirements None. Total Downloads 25, Downloads Last Week 1.

Report Software. Related Software. For what most people need for most of their images, though, NX 2 delivers. That added step can be a hassle. Otherwise, I recommend Viveza. So if there is no magnifying tool does that mean that if you want to crop a certain section of the picture that it wont be up close? Also can you edit logos with capture NX 2? Really good price. Got mine the other day link is. I cannot find a way of moving them around. Yes I can open them, yes I can edit them, but I cannot move them around.

This is extrememly unusual for phot editing packages and a feature that is found on even the free on line manufacturers — can anyone help me — I cannot even find an answer in the most comprehenseive NX2 books. This is the worst program for processing lots of images, the workflow is simply unuseable, I have had nothing but problems. Even simple things like resizing the image window when you zoom in and out, they have not been able to make work, so you have to double handle everything.

Worst of all, is that for no reaosn that I can figure, the files rotate automatically when you go to adjust the curves, and you cant get it to stop, so you have to close the program and restart it.

I have been tryin tio use this program for three years now, and it simply is not in any way useable as a professional tool. I love using Nikon Catpyure 4 — it is fast, easy to use, and get s amazing results from the files. I have also found Capture NX2 to be unusable. Talked to nikon about the problems but found no solutions. Workflow is terrible. I have used Nikon digital with good results since Nikon View and Capture 4 are the best no nonsense software for people that have to get the job done.

Capture NX is good for people that one file that they would like to tinker with all day. I probably would have bought something else. I wish someone would start a petition to get Nikon to bring back Capture 4. I would do it if I knew how. Do you know if Capture NX2 allows you to copy and paste an image from one place to another, such as needed to produce one panorama from two images? I just purchased it and am impressed with non-destructive editing, but does that feature eliminate the ability to create a collage?

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Advanced Search. Forgot Password? Join today. Not a member? These are now saved to ‘sidecar’ files in a folder with your original images, where ViewNX 2 wrote the adjustments directly into the file header — that’s considered bad practice. Capture NX-D has no-nonsense browsing and batch conversion tools. It’s quite limited compared to other programs, but it may be enough for most of your needs. It doesn’t have cataloguing tools — there’s no centralised database for organising and searching through your whole photo collection, but you can browse the folders containing the photos on your hard disk, and for many photographers that’s enough.

Its adjustments are stored simply as processing instructions in files stored alongside your photos. You don’t have to edit and convert your images individually.

You can use Capture NX-D’s batch processing option to convert a whole folder full of images with a single set of adjustment parameters for all of them, or with individual adjustments you’ve already applied to each one.

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